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Twitch Streamer Threatened By Knife-Wielding Stranger During Live Broadcast

Twitch Streamer Threatened By Knife-Wielding Stranger During Live Broadcast

Cooksux was showing his viewers the streets of New York City when the person started antagonising the streamer.

As he was strolling through New York City, Twitch streamer CookSux was threatened with a knife by a stranger who started antagonising him in the middle of one of his livestreams.

The IRL, Just Chatting and Travel and Outdoors categories are some of the most popular on the streaming service, with content creators inviting viewers into their day-to-day lives and showing off destinations that their chat might be interested in visiting themselves in the future. Cooksux, who has over 27,000 followers and chats to an average of 770 people per stream, is based in New York and took his community on trips to Williamsburg, Manhattan and other touristy spots over the holidays.

In the clip from a stream that went live on January 8th, Cooksux is in search of a restaurant as he walks the streets of his city. He's talking to his viewers when a stranger approaches him, concerned that he's photographing people without their consent. Cooksux explains that he isn't taking photos and that the person should mind his own business. The conversation then becomes aggressive as the stranger walks away while accusing Cooksux of sparking an altercation, to which Cooksux reminds the person that they were the one that approached him, not the other way round. Then, the stranger shows off a knife they had on their person and repeats that they always mind their own business.

Fortunately, they continue walking away from Cooksux, but it's clear that the streamer is shaken by these events. "Damn," he says to his chat, laughing nervously after looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't being followed. "Dude just flashed a knife on me."

In September, Cooksux had another odd encounter in Hawai'i where a man said he would “smack the sh*t out him” if he was shown on camera. Again, nothing serious happened, and Cooksux reassured viewers that he is able to handle himself in these situations. “I’m not a fan of people coming into my space and then telling me that I shouldn’t film them,” said the streamer. “If you don’t want to be filmed, get out the way. Besides that, I’ve learned that having the camera on the aggressor is always the first line of defense. Should something happen, at least it’s on camera and not off, which could be even more disadvantageous.”

Featured Image Credit: CookSux via Twitch

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