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Twitch Streamer And Friends Terrified After Gunshots Start Live On Stream

Twitch Streamer And Friends Terrified After Gunshots Start Live On Stream

Dankol83 was in the middle of a Just Chatting stream when the incident occurred - he and his friends thankfully appear to be unharmed.

On Twitch, anything can happen, and some unsettling events have been captured as a result. Just last month, streamer thatirishgirlro was threatened by a man in Austin, Texas, live on stream after supposedly stepping foot on his private land. “This is private property. You’re in Texas. I could shoot you. You’re on my property,” he said.

As reported by Dexerto, streamer Dankol83, who has over 67K followers on Twitch at the time of writing, was streaming in the Just Chatting category three days ago when, a few hours in, the stream was interrupted by a series of loud gunshots outside his streaming booth. He and his friends appeared to be unsurprisingly shaken by the incident, but thankfully, none of them seemed to be hurt. The police quickly arrived, and Dankol83 and his friends seemingly moved the stream further inside. 

Sharing the clip, Reddit user MissingName02 wrote, “Apparently the guy randomly started shooting a few shots in the air and some at the ground, then [immediately] went back home or people would have jumped him, the person screaming at the end is not the shooter but a person saying f**k off to him. The police came after a few minutes and evacuated the area, after like 30 minutes an ambulance came and the police went away.”

Dankol83 has streamed in the same location since the incident, so it appears that everything is okay, but it was undoubtably a scary event to go through. 

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, Dankol83 via Twitch

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