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Twitch hot tub streamer says she was banned for being 'Black and curvy'

Twitch hot tub streamer says she was banned for being 'Black and curvy'

Twitch streamer ExoHydraX has said she was targeted for being "Black and curvy" following a recent ban.

Twitch streamer ExoHydraX has accused the livestreaming site of banning her for being “Black and curvy” following a recent removal of her account.

Streamer ExoHydraX, who calls herself Exo online, has an impressive 264,000 followers on Twitch. While Exo does often do Call of Duty streams, she’s best known for her hot tub content. If this is the first you’re hearing of Twitch’s very popular hot tub community, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Certain streamers will livestream directly from a hot tub, while chatting with their viewers. Amouranth, Jinnytty, and Alinity are among some of the most popular streamers in this genre alongside ExoHydraX.

It’s been revealed that Twitch banned ExoHydraX’s account on 19 May. As is always the case with Twitch, no official reason was given at the time that the ban was put into place. Instead, Exo took to Twitter to explain the situation after it was revealed that she’d supposedly broken community guidelines surrounding suggestive content.

“If you’re curvy and Black, you will get treated different by Twitch,” Exo began. “I was seated down in a top and shorts and got a perma ban for being sexually suggestive. I’m tired of getting bullied by you Twitch for being Black. I’m tired of you seeing curvy women as more sexual.”

“If you’re Black and curvy, sorry to say there’s no point streaming on Twitch. The moderators on there will automatically see you as being more sexual. Even if you’re following their rules,” she continued. “I didn’t even turn around once/dance in my outfit, cause I know what would happen if I did, yet it still happened.” Exo then compared her outfit to three others worn by white female streamers which were much more revealing.

As reported by GameRant, it’s not the first time that ExoHydraX has been banned. Twitch previously implemented a ban, citing “suggestive clothing” although they ended up reversing the decision. It awaits to be seen if the latest ban will be revoked anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, ExoHydraX via Twitch

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