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Twitch streamer banned for seemingly running over a dog mid-broadcast

Twitch streamer banned for seemingly running over a dog mid-broadcast

She then admonished the owners for letting their dog out into the road.

Twitch streamer Sidneuke has been banned for allegedly running a dog over with her car and an animal protection agency is now involved to potentially prosecute her.

Last week, she was live in her car with the camera set up on the dashboard. She interacted with chat, and had her phone in her hand, though it's not known how fast she was driving. At one point, she looked down at the phone, and suddenly it seemed that something hit the car, with Sidneuke jerking her head up in shock. Bringing the car to a stop and opening the car door, an animal's yelp is heard.

The clip is being circulated on social media, and it is distressing viewing, so we advise discretion in this instance.

"Jesus, how many dogs are here? Some of them must be in heat. If someone lets dogs out, it's not a one-off situation. These dogs are constantly on the street. I'm saying straight away that dogs shouldn't be free. This is wrong and against the law," she said in the video (thanks UNILAD). "You can't leave dogs unattended." Sidneuke then appears to drive away.

Since then, her Twitch account has been deactivated as a result of a "violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service." The streamer hasn't addressed the events at the time of writing, though one would assume that this ban is to do with "self-destructive behaviour," specifically "dangerous or distracted driving, including using a phone while driving and drunk driving."

Accordingly, the response to Sidneuke's actions has been extremely negative and Polsta News announced that the Lower Silesian Inspectorate for Animal Protection will be seeking support from the prosecutor's office to have her charged.

"We decided to notify the prosecutor's office in this case," said a spokesperson.

"The first issue that is beyond doubt is that dogs should not run free. However, since they were already running, then: [she] should [have] stopped and reacted. It's empathy and social duty."

Featured Image Credit: Sidneuke via Twitch

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