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Twitch streamer starts new breastfeeding hot tub meta

Twitch streamer starts new breastfeeding hot tub meta

Streamer and mum LuxieGames has found the perfect way to continue streaming while still being able to feed her baby - hot tub censorship.

If you’ve spent any time on Twitch at all in the last few years, chances are that you’re aware of the infamous hot tub meta. This controversial subsection of stream content was given its own dedicated category as of last year, which many streamers continue to use to hang out with their viewers in a rather…different way.

One streamer has now taken perfect advantage of the hot tub meta’s existence to make the combination of motherhood and Twitch streaming far more comfortable for herself. As reported by Polygon, LuxieGames, 29, recently had a baby, and found that feeding her newborn whilst continuing her job as a full-time streamer was proving difficult. Thanks to a suggestion from her mod though, she’s found a brilliant solution.

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“I was streaming and needed to feed my son, I originally was using a breastfeeding cover but they’re SO uncomfortable and hot and I can’t check on him easily,” LuxieGames explained to Polygon via Twitter. “So on stream we decided it would be funny to do a censor bar originally — and then my mod Tori came up with the idea to make it look like I was in a hot tub.”

As you can see from the screenshot above, this unique method of censorship genuinely works really well. That said, breastfeeding is permitted on Twitch and doesn’t break the community guidelines, but LuxieGames was concerned about other matters.

“I think obviously people on the internet will fetishise anything, so that’s my only concern,” she continued. “People constantly reminded me during my pregnancy that my baby bump was a fetish. Respectfully to those people, I’m a woman married to a woman whose job is on the internet. I’m not going to let people fetishising me stop me from existing as a person and a mother. Otherwise I would have had to stop creating content a long time ago.

“I feel comfortable existing and being fetishised but the idea of someone putting content like that containing my baby is simply not something I feel comfortable with or something he can consent to,” she added.

The streamer clarified that her new method of hot tub censorship isn’t meant to poke fun at any other content creators who do stream in hot tubs, as she "adores" them.

Featured Image Credit: LuxieGames via Twitch, Twitch

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