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The Witcher director explains why Henry Cavill left the show

The Witcher director explains why Henry Cavill left the show

A previous director of The Witcher show on Netflix has addressed the reason Henry Cavill stepped away from future seasons.

A previous director of The Witcher show on Netflix has addressed the reason why Henry Cavill stepped away from future seasons.

The Witcher recently wrapped up its two-part third season, and fans are still lamenting the loss of Henry Cavill as the show’s lead.

Take a look at season three of The Witcher below.

Cavill’s departure from the character of Geralt was highly unexpected, especially given the actor’s immense passion and love for the series of books and games.

He’s made that passion very clear over the past few years, specifically referencing his many adventures in The Witcher 3, a game he’s played several times. He’s even admitted to choosing Yennefer as Geralt’s love interest every single playthrough, which is a level of commitment we can’t help but respect.

Nevertheless, Cavill recently gave an emotional farewell message to the fans who’d supported him and his fellow cast members, before hanging up the sword and Geralt wig for good. The show will go on though, with Liam Hemsworth stepping in to replace him, much to the dismay of fans who are threatening to boycott the show, and are urging Netflix to cancel before its fourth season.

While Henry Cavill’s departure led to heartbreaks everywhere, it also started a wave of conspiracy theories as to why he left the show in the first place. Some speculated it was because the show has made several changes to the source material, so much so that Cavill couldn’t accept continuing if it wasn’t closer to the original story.

Luckily, fan rumours and theories can presumably be put to bed as one of the show’s directors, Marc Jobst, recently spoke with Screen Rant, and has given their take on why Cavill left.

Jobst said: “Henry has done three series, these are demanding shows to make, you know, they are huge. Henry does every single beat of his stunts, he won't even allow a hand … You're working with an incredible athlete, first and foremost, who works out hours before, and hours after, you've been shooting for 12 hours, and who cares deeply about the work that he does."

Admittedly, this answer makes the most sense, as while I’m sure Cavill would have preferred the story to mirror the books as closely as possible, he’s an actor who understands the importance of adapting something for a modern audience. It also sounds like it takes a lot of work to be a Witcher, so it’s unsurprising he’d want to bow out after three seasons.

There’s currently no news on when we can expect season four, though filming will supposedly begin in 2024, so we could be looking at a late 2024/early 2025 release.

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