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The Lord of the Rings first 'female-led' movie announced

The Lord of the Rings first 'female-led' movie announced

The future is female

Strong female characters have appeared frequently throughout The Lord of the Rings franchise, but none have really taken the lead; this is something a new movie intends to change.

The Lord of the Rings fans are still coming down from the high of learning a new film is coming this year, yet the celebrations must continue with this latest news.

Unlike Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy, this upcoming film – yes, there's more than one newcomer – is animated.

It's time to return to The Lord of the Rings trilogy to prepare for all these new adventures

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the film’s director, Kenji Kamiyama, gave us a taste of things to come in The War of the Rohirrim.

“This is the story of the most powerful king in Rohan's history, someone who defeated his enemies with his bare fists,” they explained.

Kamiyama continued, “Why did his lineage have to end with him? I think there is a lesson in hubris there and also for a need for responsibility and awareness in their power.”

Instead of choosing to focus on just the men of Tolkien's adventure, the creators decided to give Helm’s daughter a name, but also a story.

Although originally left unnamed, the team called Helm’s daughter Hèra, and turned their attentions to her experiences during this time.

Image credit: People
Image credit: People

The film’s producer, Philippa Boyen, said this of the character, “We know Helm has a daughter, and we know that she was central to the conflict that happened. But myself, and especially screenwriter Phoebe Gittins, were drawn to her.”

Their interests “piqued”, they had questions about this crucial character, and from that curiosity and intrigue the first “female-led” adventure emerged.

If that isn’t enough to have you hooked already, perhaps learning that Peter Jackson returning as executive producer will.

Tolkien weaved such complex, beautiful narratives for us to get lost in; it’s wonderful to see so many of them being brought to life off the page and onto the screen.

Fans already hyped about this film won’t be waiting long, as it’s due to be released on 13 December this year.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon, New Line Cinema

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