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The Lord of The Rings star teases return in new movie

The Lord of The Rings star teases return in new movie

We're so ready for this

A familiar face might be showing up in the new The Lord of the Rings film, emphasis on the “might”.

Earlier this year, we learnt that we’d be getting a new cinematic instalment to The Lord of the Rings; it was welcome news.

Our excitement has only continued to grow since that announcement, upon discovering the new movie has been inspired by Return of the King. Hailed as one of the “greatest cinematic achievements in film history”, it’s beloved by fans.

Knowing that The Hunt for Gollum will tap into that greatness already had fans in a chokehold, but now that Viggo Mortensen has teased Aragorn’s return, they’re struggling to contain themselves.

Nothing will beat The Lord of the Rings trilogy in our minds

As shared by Twitter’s Discussing Film, as per an article from The Hollywood Reporter, Mortensen has confirmed he’ll return if one or more conditions are met.

“The script is the most important thing to me unless I’m broke, I have no money and I’m lucky to get any job. So, it depends,” he told the entertainment outlet.

Before you get whipped up into a frenzy, the actor hasn’t even read the script for the new film, this is merely him saying the possibility of a return is always there.

Even though this is far from confirmation, fans are already hoping it's a hint at what will come to pass. One Twitter user said, “I hope they do a good job with the script to make others excited enough to join.”

On the cynical end of the spectrum, though, there are doubts Aragorn will wow us with his skills once more. User @andrewscomet said, “So basically, he’s not returning cause none of those are happening lmao.”

Should Mortensen never don his dark locks for us again, we can be happy in the knowledge that plenty of other Lord of the Rings projects are on the horizon, like the new female-led movie.

We hope to see Aragorn again, so let’s hope the script is incredible.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

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