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The Last of Us HBO set photo reveals first look at Scars in action

The Last of Us HBO set photo reveals first look at Scars in action

The Seraphites have been spotted

The Last of Us is currently in the midst of filming its highly anticipated second season.

I don’t know about you but I have so many questions. It was recently confirmed that season two would run for just seven episodes, although these would likely be on the lengthier side.

We already knew that The Last of Us Part II’s story would be adapted across multiple seasons but now I’m wondering just how far we’ll get in those seven episodes.

Season two will see Kaitlyn Dever join the show’s cast as Abby, alongside Young Mazino as Jesse, Isabela Merced as Dina, Danny Ramirez as Manny, Ariela Barer as Mel, Tati Gabrielle as Nora, and Spencer Lord as Owen.

Catherine O’ Hara also joins in an undisclosed role while Jeffrey Wright is set to reprise his role as Isaac Dixon from the game.

We’re yet to see any of the Salt Lake crew in action on set, but we have caught more than a few glimpses of Bella Ramsey in action as Ellie alongside Merced’s Dina.

In fact, a fresh look has just landed allowing us to deduce just how much of Part II’s story season two will span.

In the meantime, you should consider diving into The Last of Us Part II Remastered. Take a look at our review below.

As shared by Reddit user Mastermind0623, actors portraying Scars/Seraphites have been spotted on set suggesting that season two will most definitely reach as far as the end of Ellie’s ‘Day Two’.

Of course, the HBO show is likely to make a few subtle changes to the story but for the most part, season one got our characters from A to B in much the same way as the game.

Towards the end of ‘Day Two’ in Part II, Ellie encounters the Scars whilst venturing over to the hospital in search of Nora who she thinks will have information on Abby’s whereabouts.

This matches with on-set photos of Bella and Isabela that have emerged in recent days.

Bella has been spotted in a short-sleeved blue shirt, again, echoing Ellie’s ‘Day Two’ look.

Interestingly though, Isabela’s Dina was spotted alongside her. Anyone who’s played Part II will know that Dina doesn’t accompany Ellie on this particular day.

That’s pretty much our proof that HBO is clearly going to switch things up a tad. All I know is that I cannot wait for a trailer.

The drip-feeding of these set photos will have to suffice in the meantime though.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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