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The Last of Us season two faces delays because Pedro Pascal is just too popular

The Last of Us season two faces delays because Pedro Pascal is just too popular

It must be such a burden to be this in demand

Ah, the curse of being just too darn popular. None of us here at GAMINGbible speak from experience, but we suspect it becomes a bind after a while, especially when it delays adored TV series. This is the reality Pedro Pascal is facing, with his ever-growing popularity causing delays for The Last of Us season two.

When we heard the rumours that Pascal was heading to Marvel, we wondered if multiple projects all happening at the same time would throw up issues, and it seems we were right. Not that we’re blaming these delays on Marvel. No, this is all Pascal.

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If you take a look at the actor’s IMDb, you’ll notice how Pascal is currently said to be working on eight different projects alongside HBO’s The Last of Us. Eight. That’s a lot of balls to be juggling while also wooing the whole internet with that cheeky grin of his.

Gladiator 2, Tropico, and Fantastic Four are among the other film and TV series demanding his attention. This is why, according to Insider Gaming, Pascal is causing not just one but two delays for the second season of everyone’s favourite survival franchise. The same report also claims that production for the new season has been pushed back to 20 February 2024. We can all agree that is just too long – we need more from Joel and Ellie and we need it now.

We don’t want to even imagine a second season release date that ends in ‘25, so we’re going to ignore that grim idea and look to the positives – like PlayStation confirming The Last of Us Part II Remastered. No, it isn’t TV-related news about the franchise, but it’s gaming, which some would argue is even better as this remaster feels way overdue.

Make sure to keep your ears to the ground for any whispers about The Last of Us season two; we hope what you hear isn’t more delays, but we’re not going to hold our breaths. Damn you, Pedro Pascal and your charisma, wit, and roguish charms!

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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