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Star Wars fans work out what actually happened to Mace Windu after his fall

Star Wars fans work out what actually happened to Mace Windu after his fall

So, that's what happened!

We know Jedi are strong, but enough to survive an epic fall after being attacked? That’s what fans are pondering while discussing Mace Windu’s fate.

If, for some strange reason, you haven’t watched Star Wars Episode III, you might not be aware that Mace suffered a rather nasty fall after being attacked by Palpatine.

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Given that Mace isn’t heard from again, it had been assumed he’d died. However, fans are convinced that isn’t the case.

In a subreddit discussion about whether the character made it or not, Reddit user SethSpld2 reasoned that he did, saying, “Every character who appears to die, or is terribly injured, AND THEN falls from a great height survives.”

They added, “Luke (ESB), Emperor (RotJ), Darth Maul (TPM), and ObiWan (RotS). Everyone who appears to die on stable ground - Obi Wan (ANH), Yoda (RotJ), Qui Gon (TPM) and so on, really is dead.”

There’s a method to this madness, we have to admit. Yet, while there’s merit to the theory, the fandom is divided over what really became of Mace Windu.

One Redditor, whose account has been deleted, replied, “Tbf he fell a great distance and then the planet exploded so that seems pretty final.”

“Everyone is always saying ‘Mace fell out of a window…’ No, he was blown out a window like a 100 yds at an incredible velocity,” another post reads. “The only version of Mace that could survive that is the ‘03 Clone Wars cartoon.”

Let’s not forget that before he went flying, Mace was mercilessly electrocuted, and so his chances of survival are slim at best.

Still, the Force works in mysterious ways. Not forgetting how fast and loose the lore can be played with when occasion calls for it.

One thing’s for certain: Mace suffered a less embarrassing fate than those foolish Star Wars fans who’ve been review bombing the wrong film.

Mace may very well be dead, but at least he didn’t disgrace himself before the eyes of millions.

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