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Star Wars' greatest mystery confounds fans as they seek answers 34 years later

Star Wars' greatest mystery confounds fans as they seek answers 34 years later

It's a mystery that's plagued us for years

The Star Wars universe isn’t short of mysteries, but there’s one that just keeps bugging fans and it still doesn’t seem like we’re getting an answer soon.

Star Wars fans are a very dedicated lot, who’ve spent years mapping its galaxies, recording its history and imagining plenty of theories for its most bizarre mysteries.

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However besides Padme’s weird broken-heart demise, the origins or the force, and all the countless species we’ve seen over the last few decades, one mystery is still likely years away from being solved, what the hell is a Yoda?

So far we’ve seen three members of Yoda’s species, Yoda himself, the Jedi Yaddle, and Grogu from The Mandalorian. There is another in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic but it’s up to you if you count that as canon, but as to what they are and where they come from, we have no idea.

Countless Reddit threads have been made theorising on what the species is, and why it has such a strong connection to the force.

Many have settled on the answer “Nobody knows. Lucas never told anyone” and many more quite like the mystery of not knowing anything about the species, however others have made their own headcanons to cope with the lack of information.

Some call them “goblins”, some call them “Verdunians” and some, the best name of all, call them “Yodaleyheehoos.”

What are they really? God knows, and George Lucas certainly isn’t going to tell us. But with Grogu taking a more prominent role in the Star Wars universe perhaps it’s finally time to explore this species like never before, or maybe it’s best to keep them mysterious.

Whatever happens, they’ll always remain as one of the most iconic species in all of Star Wars lore.

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