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Star Wars fans disturbed by dark secret we never talk about

Star Wars fans disturbed by dark secret we never talk about

The topic was actually explored in the Legends continuity

A disturbing and world-shattering revelation is being discussed on Reddit, one that changes the way fans will look at the Star Wars universe forever.

As one fan notes on Reddit, droids in the Star Wars universe "feel discomfort when missing limbs", suggesting that they're sentient and able to feel emotion. As another fan of the series stated, there's a droid in the universe that was designed exclusively to torture other droids, leading more and more credibility to this theory.

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We've actually known this since the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983. During a scene in which we're shown the droids at Jabba's Palace, we see a Gonk droid being lowered into what appears to be molten liquid. It screams, as if in pain, suggesting that even back then, George Lucas had in fact thought about what it would be like to make artificial life, and whether that life is actually sentient in any meaningful way. Oddly enough, this hasn't been explored too much in Star Wars media, with two key exceptions in the Star Wars Legends continuity.

In Star Wars Legends, a group of droids planned to use armies of droids to eliminate biological lifeforms after all the horrors and pain that had been inflicted upon them. This plan was unknown to most of the galaxy, and ended in failure, but another plan thousands of years before the events of A New Hope was more known. This plan involved an attempt to get droids rights, and stop them from being forced to serve biological beings so that they could live their own lives, but it too ended in failure. Since then, the franchise hasn't really touched on the possibility, but it's definitely something that could be brought up in the future and expanded on in great detail.

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