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Only one MCU movie will release in 2024, Marvel confirms

Only one MCU movie will release in 2024, Marvel confirms

It's time to slow down the Marvel train

Some reshuffling over at Marvel has resulted in them only scheduling one film for 2024. As the SAG-AFTRA strike ended production could restart on certain projects and it pushed Marvel to rethink a few release dates. This means in 2024 the only film we'll get is the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool 3.

The merc with a mouth is set to enter cinemas 26 July 2024 and will lead Marvel for that year as both Captain America: Brave New World and Thunderbolts have shifted to 2025.

The Marvels is the latest Marvel project to hit cinemas

The changes mean that 2025 will be a busy one for Marvel with four films slated to release including Blade and Fantastic Four. It's probably a good thing that there will be a bit of a gap between releases as it seems Marvel is currently struggling under its own weight and many fans are started to feel superhero fatigue.

It's also been announced that Venom 3 has shifted its own date from June 2024 to 8 November 2024, so we'll still see this Marvel adjacent project, as well as Kraven the Hunter due 30 August 2024 and Madame Web on 14 February.

Over at DC, they only have one project coming in 2024, the Joker Sequel starring Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn which releases 4 October 2024.

For Marvel it seems these changes were caused by the actor's strikes from the past few months, but hopefully this will force them to rethink their projects pacing as well as give the actors, writers and special effects crews more time to focus. Recent projects have suffered from being bloated CGI messes and fans have become a little jaded towards the House of Mouse who are oversaturating the market with films and TV projects. Hopefully, this all has a silver lining for audiences.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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