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Deadpool 3 will 'save' the MCU according to director

Deadpool 3 will 'save' the MCU according to director

Deadpool 3 will 'save' the MCU according to Argylle director Matthew Vaughn.

After a rough year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with few major releases on the docket for 2024, well-known director Matthew Vaughn believes the upcoming Deadpool 3 will “save” Marvel.

First released in 2016 and followed by its first sequel in 2018, Deadpool has gone on to become one of Marvel’s most successful and loved series. Telling the story of Wade Wilson who receives powers after undergoing cancer treatment, we follow the foul-mouthed hero as he seeks revenge for the twisted scientist who disfigures him.

Check out Deadpool in this reaction video below!

Now with the third instalment set to hit cinemas sometime this year, it will have to be something special as the MCU is under quite a bit of scrutiny. After actor Jonathan Majors was fired from his role as the next big villain Kang, Marvel reportedly had to adjust a lot of their upcoming projects but luckily, Deadpool 3 was unaffected.

As a result, Vaughn believes the movie will “save” the MCU and with many industry insiders claiming it is a “much-watch”, it could very much be the company’s saving grace despite being the only Marvel movie set to release this year.

In an interview on BroBible’s Post-Credit podcast, Vaughn, who is most known for directing the Kingsman series and Kickass, came onto talk about his latest movie, Argylle. However, he also took the time out to talk about snippets he's seen of Deadpool 3.

The filmmaker believes the movie has the potential to “jolt” fans back into the MCU hype that was last seen for Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

“The few snippets that I know about Deadpool vs. Wolverine — or Wolverine vs. Deadpool, I’m sure that argument between Ryan and Hugh is happening as we speak — are unbelievable,” he said.

Vaughn continued, “That’s going to be the jolt… the Marvel universe is about to have a jolt of them and it’s going to bring that body back to life… I think Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are about to save the whole Marvel universe.”

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