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Hacksaw Ridge hits Netflix, fans call it best war movie ever

Hacksaw Ridge hits Netflix, fans call it best war movie ever

Want to watch the best war movie of all time? Fans say you need to head to Netflix to watch Hacksaw Ridge, then.

Hailed as the “best film ever”, Netflix’s Hacksaw Ridge is a war epic that's drawing in viewers despite its gritty story. Undoubtedly, its appeal lies not just in the familiar and beloved face of Andrew Garfield, but also in the unbelievable story it tells.

For those not aware, Hacksaw Ridge is a biographical film, based on the true story of one Desmond T. Doss, a man who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour despite never bearing arms during the entirety of World War II. Doss cited religious grounds for his reasoning and, despite the initial criticism he faced from his peers, proceeded to save 75 men in the 1975 Battle of Okinawa.

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Naturally, the makings of a gripping story were already there, but the sheer talent of its cast, which not only includes Garfield but also Rachel Griffiths and Vince Vaughn, only adds to the lasting impact this film has. Funnily enough, the film is seven years old, but that hasn’t stopped it from blowing fans away.

“Guys, I just watched the best movie ever on Netflix. Name - Hacksaw Ridge based on a true story. I highly recommend it. Produced by, Mel Gibson. A must see,” said one Twitter user, with many others quick to agree that the 2016 hasn’t lost any of its wow factor since its release. If anything, viewers are curious why it took so long for Netflix to add the film to its services. Still, while the wait was frustrating for some, at least everyone can now enjoy the journey this movie takes you on – and it really is an emotive journey to experience.

Its Rotten Tomatoes reviews aren’t quite as perfect as One Piece, but few films can live up to such a golden standard, so don’t hold it against Gibson’s war film. While it isn’t perfect, it’s a must-see film all the same.

If you’re undecided about what to watch this evening, it’s fair to say that adding this to your list is a smart move. Though, it might be best to wait for the weekend, just so you can really savour what it has to offer.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate Movies

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