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God Of War fans begs Sony not to cast Tom Holland in upcoming series

God Of War fans begs Sony not to cast Tom Holland in upcoming series

We have nothing against Tom Holland, but, please, no

Look, neither we nor fans have anything against Tom Holland, but if Sony casts him in the upcoming God of War series, people aren’t going to be happy. And that’s putting it mildly.

The actor has been everywhere lately, much like Chris Pratt and Pedro Pascal, with GoW fans worried that Sony will just cast the most popular actor rather than cast someone well-suited to the role. We’ve seen it happen before, you know, when Pratt was Mario, and is now voicing Garfield.

In a Reddit thread about the Amazon series, it opens with a simple yet powerful plea, “Sony, please, don't cast Tom Holland.” Alongside those words are photos of Holland in previous roles, as well as a mock-up of what he’d look like as Kratos (it’s not a great look, we’ll be honest).

Obviously, if Holland was to star in the show, it would be as Atreus, but still, the worry that Sony, like so many other big brands, will fall back on old, ugly habits remains strong.

We already know that The Rock won’t be in the show after it was confirmed back in September that, while an ideal fit, it wasn’t a character he’d be staking a claim to. Without a doubt, the best choice for Kratos is Christopher Judge. However, as one fan points out, “Chris has gone through some pretty major surgeries recently so I don’t think he’d be up for a very physically demanding role like that.”

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The dislike for Holland just assuming any video game adaptation is strong, with The Legend of Zelda fandom recently begging Nintendo with a similar plea, only this time that he wouldn’t play Link. Still, I think it’s fair to say he’d make a better Link than Machine Gun Kelly, who has voiced an interest in the role; if it’s between Holland and Kelly, we pick Holland.

All anyone asks for is actors who embody the role we know like the back of our hands, and for Sony and similar to not simply think of dollar signs that such well-known voices will yield. It’s unlikely to happen, but we stand with GoW fans: Holland shouldn’t be cast in this role.

The God of War series has yet to receive an official release date, though speculation is that it’ll arrive in late 2024 or early 2025. We’re not overly fussed when it arrives, as long as it does the game franchise justice… please, Sony, give us that.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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