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'F***ing awesome' Ben Affleck Batman movie teased by storyboard artist

'F***ing awesome' Ben Affleck Batman movie teased by storyboard artist

The one that got away.

The world really hasn’t been given enough of Ben Affleck’s Batman. Having first appeared in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which, admittedly, wasn’t fantastic), he’s popped up in just four films since, with his most recent appearance being in The Flash (2023).

What you may not have known, however, is that Affleck was originally supposed to get his own solo Batman movie, but it was cancelled before it could ever hit our screens. Now though, speaking to Inverse in a new interview, DC storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, who also apparently worked on the cancelled film before it was shelved, teased more details about the film. Unfortunately, it sounds absolutely brilliant. I’m sad now.

Take a look at the trailer for The Flash (2023) below.

“I can't really say too much other than it was f**king awesome,” Oliva teased. “It was the best. It was amazing.”

He continued: “From my understanding, there were a couple of drafts of it. When I was brought on, I don't know whether it was the second draft or something, but it was what Geoff Johns and Ben [Affleck] had shown me.”

According to Oliva, the film would have tied together “a lot of really cool Batman storylines that had never been really explored”, not even in the comics. He explained: “Ben's story was gonna cover something that had never really been covered in comics but was building off of storylines in the Batman mythos over the last 80 years and approaching it from a new kind of perspective.”

In the end, Affleck “had to step away for personal reasons”, so the film was never completed. What’s more, The Flash (2023) was supposed to be the actor’s final appearance as Batman, so it seems that we’ll never see it come to light in the future, either.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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