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Elliot Page should replace Ezra Miller as The Flash, fans say

Elliot Page should replace Ezra Miller as The Flash, fans say

We're not angry at all about this casting suggestion. In fact, we love it

Suice Squad: Kill the Justice League may have killed The Flash, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t daydream about the character’s return in the DCEU.

In the most recent DC cinematic adaptations, The Flash has been portrayed by Ezra Miller. However, due to a lot of fan backlash, and James Gunn rebooting the DC cinematic universe as we know it, Miller won’t be returning.

Honestly, it’s unlikely many will mourn this decision; not only did the actor have numerous allegations of abuse and grooming brought against him, but many of the fandom just didn’t feel he was suited to the role.

Perhaps seeking out a new Flash comes from learning that House of Dragon star Milly Alcock will be playing Supergirl – fans are thrilled by this decision and are thus choosing to look at other potential casting choices as well.

As is often the case, comic book lovers have a lot to say on the matter, not all of it nice. Nonetheless, for the most part, fans believe that Elliot Page would make a fantastic choice for the next Flash.

Don't forget to watch The Flash official trailer if you need a reminder of how the character has been portrayed before

Despite being a lot shorter than the original character (as if that actually matters), Page has such excellent acting range that fans are certain he could pull off the role perfectly for Warner Bros. “Elliot would make a great Ezra replacement,” responded one fan after seeing the suggested cast replacement.

Another agreed that this was a “pretty great casting suggestion”. However, as another fan pointed out, despite Page’s exceptional credentials, some fans would claim DC is “virtue signalling” by casting him. And given how awful some of the responses to this casting suggestion is, we’re inclined to agree.

That being said, we’re not one to let the foaming at the mouth unnecessarily angry fans get the better of a great casting choice, and so we too hope that Page can one day assume the role of The Flash.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, Warner Bros Pictures

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