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Anakin Skywalker (child murderer) hailed as 'greatest Jedi ever' by Star Wars producer

Anakin Skywalker (child murderer) hailed as 'greatest Jedi ever' by Star Wars producer

The younglings would like a word.

Who would you say that the greatest Jedi ever is? Luke Skywalker seems like an obvious choice - I’m sure no one would question anyone who thought he was the best. Other than him though, there’s still plenty of other respectable options - there's Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn just to name a few.

You know who can’t really be considered a noble, just Jedi? Anakin Skywalker. Dark Lord of the Sith, literal child murderer… he’s hardly a stand-up person. With that in mind, as Screen Rant reports, it’s unsurprising that Star Wars fans have been left stunned by Ahsoka’s executive producer and creator, Dave Filoni, hailing Anakin as the “greatest Jedi of all time”.

Take a look at the trailer for Ahsoka below.

This surprising comment was made in a short featurette released on YouTube, titled Journey To Ahsoka. In the video, Filoni says: “We’re telling the story of this character who’s been trained by the greatest Jedi of all time, in Anakin Skywalker.”

Over on Twitter, fans have been debating whether or not Anakin’s crimes should disqualify him from this high praise: “Anakin is the Chosen One, but he's not the greatest Jedi. Obi-Wan lost his master, his love, his best friend/student and everything he believed in, but never turned to the dark side and never lost hope,” @LeFilmanthrope tweeted. “I'd think that slaughtering a room full of children would be an automatic disqualifier for that title,” @WillBlitzkrieg wrote.

Others believe that Filoni has a solid point: “Nobody is perfect, George Lucas never made Anakin invincible, but he was the best. He characterises real human mistakes, downfalls and even modern anxiety. A person who can want to do all the good in the world and still mess up. Never having a father, but saved as a father by his son,” @Zero1XGaming said. “Facts. Anakin really was the best of the Jedi. From The Clone Wars to Revenge of the Sith, he was everything that Qui-Gon said he would be,” agreed @DaNotoriousVIC_.

Those are solid points, admittedly, but I think the poor younglings in Revenge of the Sith might want a word.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm

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