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Amazon's Fallout TV series first trailer appears online early

Amazon's Fallout TV series first trailer appears online early

Your first look at Fallout

The first trailer for Amazon's live-action Fallout TV series has appeared online early, it seems.

Amazon and Bethesda announced the collaboration back in 2020, revealing that the post-apocalyptic video game franchise will be adapted for the small screen by Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan. Bethesda boss Todd Howard is also attached as executive producer.

Take a look at Fallout: London below!

Now, with just days to go until Bethesda launches Starfield, we're starting to learn more about the Fallout show.

A brief one-minute trailer was show behind closed doors at Gamescom which confirmed, among other things, that the show will be set in Los Angeles. Naturally, someone was able to sneakily film the teaser and upload to the internet, although you should be aware the quality isn't exactly great.

While we won't be sharing the leaked footage here, Bethesda doesn't seem to be in a massive rush to scrub it from sites like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, so you can find it fairly easily if you really want to. It certainly looks like Fallout, insomuch as it has nukes and power armour. That's a good start. Given The Last Of Us on HBO set a new high watermark for video game adaptations this year, there's a lot riding on Fallout.

While we don't know much about the show's story, we do know which actors will be starring. Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Xelia Mendes-Jones (Wheel Of Time), and Aaron Moten (Disjointed) have all signed up for the adaptation, though exactly who each of the stars will be playing remains under wraps at the moment. Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) and Walton Goggins (Ant Man And The Wasp) are also set to appear in the show, which should make its debut in 2024. We'll keep you updated just as soon as we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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