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Toy Story 5 is happening, but fans aren't happy about it

Toy Story 5 is happening, but fans aren't happy about it

Toy Story 5 has been announced by Disney and Pixar, but the reveal hasn't gone down well with fans.

Toy Story is a universally beloved franchise, or should I say it was a universally beloved franchise. Many of us grew up alongside the release of the original trilogy and I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers sitting in the cinema feeling truly betrayed by Lotso during that scene.

The problem is, Disney and Pixar just don’t seem to know when to stop. I’ll admit, I quite enjoyed Lightyear but the spin-off was a clever enough original idea that its existence didn’t impact the main trilogy. Toy Story 4 on the other hand, is there anyone who enjoyed that film? You’ll recall that Toy Story 3 ended with Andy donating his toys to Bonnie where they were due to begin a new life with a new kid. Toy Story 4 then saw Woody decide to leave behind Bonnie and all of his friends, including Buzz, behind.

Take a look at this stunning recreation of Toy Story in Halo: Infinite's Forge.

We all know Woody wouldn’t do that. It’s a stupid ending. I’m not over it, clearly. Anyway, it’s now been announced that Toy Story 5 is officially in the works. Oh dear. Here we go again. Details are practically non-existent right now. All we can assume is that maybe Toy Story 5 will fix its predecessor's mistake and see Woody reunited with the gang.

As reported by ComicBook, fans weren’t too impressed with the announcement. Twitter user whoopsy_doodle said, “All horrible ideas. Especially Toy Story 5. What else is there to do?” For context, Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2 were also revealed. GameDayGabi added, “This better be the best Toy Story ever made cuz 3 ended perfectly and y’all ruined it with 4,” while DeeCeeGrayson wrote, “Toy Story 5 is such a cash grab. Four films are enough.” Take a look at a few more reactions below.

Twitter user mikeamatoes instead suggested, “a feature length Woody’s Round-Up” instead. Now that, I would like to see.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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