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This Toy Story Unreal Engine 5 open world concept trailer is pure childhood nostalgia

This Toy Story Unreal Engine 5 open world concept trailer is pure childhood nostalgia

Let's relive our childhoods

The Toy Story movies are a staple of many of our childhoods but what if the Pixar story received a fresh video game adaptation? That was seemingly the thoughts of one talented individual.

First released in 1996, Toy Story was the first movie in a four-part franchise which told the story of a group of toys that would come to life behind their owner, Andy’s back. Featuring much-loved characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody, the animated series went on to be met with critical acclaim and was loved by children all over the world.

Check out the official trailer for Toy Story 4 below!

Despite its success, there is no modern-day Toy Story RPG but YouTuber TeaserPlay has released a teaser trailer giving us an insight into what it could look like.

The one-minute trailer shows us our favourite characters Woody and Buzz as they explore Andy’s room, talk with other toys and even hit the streets. With beautifully enhanced graphics, this seemingly open-world concept is just stunning and gives us an idea just how fun it would be to run around as the cowboy and astronaut.

With a peek at some combat between Buzz and another toy as well as the pair chasing after a truck on their very own Go Kart, there is no doubt that an open-world Toy Story game would be full of humour and hijinks.

The trailer ends with Buzz and Woody soaring through the sky before the scene switches back to Andy’s room where a bewildered Andy stumbles across a very-much-alive Woody. What follows is the Grand Theft Auto death sound effect as Andy falls to the floor in shock. You can’t really blame him.

As this is only a concept trailer made for fun, it is by no means an indication of any future adaptation arriving in the future. However, it is clear that it would offer tons of fun if it was ever to come to fruition.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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