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Tomb Raider open-world game leaks online, and it sound incredible

Tomb Raider open-world game leaks online, and it sound incredible

Could Lara Croft be heading to India on her next adventure?

The upcoming Tomb Raider title is set to be another epic adventure according to recent rumours which has taken the internet by storm.

Following the success of the recent Tomb Raider Survivor trilogy, it is no surprise that fans are desperate for more of Lara Croft despite the heroic archaeologist gracing our screens since 1996.

Check out the recent Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy below!

However, the wait won’t be for long as Crystal Dynamics have already announced another Tomb Raider title and this time it will be made using the impressive Unreal Engine 5.

Although we don’t yet know too much about this project, leaker V Scooper over on Twitter apparently has all the information and it looks as though Lara will be heading to India for her next adventure.

“Next Tomb Raider game will be fully open world and set in India,” they shared. “Featuring vast sceneries, free use of the motorcycle, parachute, and common Lara’s traversal methods to unrestrictedly navigate across a big map and its challenges”.

If you are a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise, then you will already know that an open-world setting is not the norm so it will be interesting to see how this will be handled. However, there is no doubt that Lara will be up for some more exploration.

V Scooper goes on to say that the title will be set “after a natural disaster strikes northern India, revealing ancient emperor Ashoka’s ruins and artifacts”.

In standard fashion, Lara will have to race against other powerful factions in order to secure the historical items but with “non-lethal” strategies. This in itself is something new for Lara who is not afraid to take down the odd enemy or two.

As with any rumors, it is worth taking this news with a pinch of salt. However, if it is true, it remains to be seen how an open-world Tomb Raider title will be received.

Featured Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics

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