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Titanfall fans refuse to give up on the dream of Titanfall 3

Titanfall fans refuse to give up on the dream of Titanfall 3

Can we just have Titanfall 3, please?

Ah, Titanfall, is a series in which fans are seemingly desperate for a new game, but no new game appears to be on the horizon.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, the original Titanfall was released in 2014 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. While Titanfall lacked a single-player campaign, its online multiplayer offered tight, Call of Duty-inspired gameplay mixed with futuristic parkour and wall-running that would make even Assassin’s Creed envious, and its potential was clear to see. You could even take control of huge badass mechs at almost any point during a match.

Check out the Titanfall 2 trailer below!

Just two years later we had a sequel that would also arrive on PlayStation and as well as offering a more robust multiplayer mode, fans were also treated to an epic single-player campaign which told the story of Jack Cooper, a member of the Frontier Militia who formed an unlikely bond with his mech AI, Titan BT-7274.

Unfortunately for Titanfall 2, while it apparently garnered decent sales at launch it failed to maintain an online concurrent player base in the weeks and months that followed. As such, many would assume that this is a reason why we’ve never been treated to a trilogy. However, the failings of Titanfall 2 weren't helped by the fact that it was released during the same window as Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, one of which is an EA-published title. Like seriously, who at EA thought that was a good idea?

Regardless, since Titanfall 3 rumours began to circulate around three years ago, fans have longed for the truth behind the endless speculation. Even Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella wants to see Titanfall 3, and more recently, an apparent tease appeared online only to break the hearts of fans. So with that being said, will we ever see Titanfall 3? We can only hope and it seems that loyal fans are refusing to give up on that dream.

“We're obviously getting a Titanfall 3,” suggested a very optimistic Impossible_Guess on Reddit, before making a series of quite valid points. Not only does this Reddit user refer back to what were believed to be previous teases, but also the recent Titanfall 2 multiplayer update. To which the Redditor said: “They [Respawn] came back to support an older game when they didn't need to.” To be somewhat optimistic also, could this have been Respawn and EA testing the waters for potential interest in Titanfall 3? We can only speculate.

“Thank you for posting this. I have been having this exact thought for like two years now, but I’m a big lurker and don’t ever post. Like, it’s obviously going to happen at some point,” replied SympatheticBeard. “They literally said they would love to do it at some point, now just isn’t the right time.” Smol-peners exclaimed: “If they don’t announce it soon I’m dropping a titan on my forehead with a warpfall.”

At the time of writing, Titanfall 2 was released almost exactly seven years ago to this day. So if Respawn Entertainment and EA were to finally announce Titanfall 3, now would be the perfect time.

Titanfall 2 is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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