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This Saw-Inspired Horror Game Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

This Saw-Inspired Horror Game Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Do you want to play a little game?

With horror games, it seems each new release is trying to be more terrifying than anything that has come before it. Martha Is Dead was so gruesome it had several scenes censored, and now a new challenger is stepping into the body horror arena. 

Oxide Room 104 has ramped up the gore to bring what looks like a truly terrifying experience. There are a lot of influences here from a range of iconic horror franchises. While the developer WildSphere claims it got the idea for the game from Saw, it feels more like a mash-up of Resident Evil’s puzzles and inventory, Silent Hill’s not-quite-human monsters, and the confined space and repetitive nature of P.T. 

You can watch the trailer below if you are a fan of horror and gore.

Waking up in a bath in an abandoned motel room with no idea how you got there, it’s your job to point, click and find a way out. The Steam page claims that there is more than one method of escape and certainly more than one way to die. Death doesn’t mean the end though. If you fail to escape you simply find yourself back in the bath, only this time with all the knowledge you’ve gained through your previous attempts.

“Put yourself in Matthew's shoes and try to escape from there just as you would in real life. Every decision you make will alter the story and, therefore, your chances of coming out alive of that terrible place. Sneak through the facilities of the old motel looking for a way out while you discover what is happening there, at the same time that a terrifying presence is stalking you in every corner and every dark room.”

That’s right, something is chasing you, and she looks like she would fit right in with some of those fancy Elden Ring bosses. Multiple limbs, a torso that’s split in half; the artist let their imagination run wild with this body horror creation, and we’re here for it.

Featured Image Credit: WildSphere

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