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This Is What Games Actually Look Like When They're In Development

This Is What Games Actually Look Like When They're In Development

Following critiques of the GTA VI leaked materials, developers are releasing development footage from their own games to prove a point.

By now, you’ll definitely have heard about the Grand Theft Auto VI leak. Just a few days ago, Rockstar Games was hit by a major cyber attack during which GTA VI development footage was obtained and leaked online. One of the strangest things about the whole debacle is just how critical fans were of the footage. The fact that it’s development footage should explain everything you need to know but many criticised GTA VI as if they were looking at a finished game. The good news is that the rest of the industry is on hand to explain to those fans just how development works.

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Studios and developers are sharing development footage of their own released games to show video game fans just how much can change during the development process. Paul Ehreth worked on 2019’s Control and released a short clip alongside the caption, “Since graphics are the first thing finished in a video game, and Control won multiple awards for excellence in graphics, here is footage from the beginning of development.”

Recent hit Cult Of The Lamb also joined in the trend, tweeting, “‘Graphics are the first thing finished in a video game.’ Here's what early versions of Cult of the Lamb looked like,” showing that’s clearly an incorrect assumption. Take a look at a few more examples below from Sea Of Thieves, Immortality, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

GTA VI is likely a few years away from release so of course, the development footage isn’t going to look like a finished game. We also don’t know exactly when the development footage was created. It could already be several years old. The lesson to be learnt is wait until the game is in your hands.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Naughty Dog / Kurt Margenau via Twitter

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