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Thieves Steal $250,000 Worth Of Pokémon Cards From Family Run Store

Thieves Steal $250,000 Worth Of Pokémon Cards From Family Run Store

A small store in the US saw all of its Pokémon cards stolen when thieves broke through the wall.

A small gaming store, owned by twin brothers, has suffered a massive loss after a robbery which saw $250,000 (£185,000) worth of Pokémon merchandise stolen.

The theft, which took place over two hours, saw numerous boxes filled with Pokémon cards and booster packs taken. And while the owners' stock is insured, there is no way to purchase replacement cards due to their rarity.

"I realised how much money, product, and time we put into it, and I just started crying..." one brother, Eric Johnson, told Fox. "I can't recover this product because our distributors don't have any. So, even with the insurance money, that doesn't do us any good."

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Even though only one thief was seen on CCTV footage, it is assumed that more people were involved in the crime due to the sheer amount of items stolen. The man caught on tape was seen breaking into the store's stock rooms by knocking down a wall via the vacant building next door. This way the shop's alarm systems weren't activated, as the doors remained shut. The family were worried about the loss due to the current popularity of the franchise. "If it says Pokémon on it, it sells... Pokémon is literally the hottest thing right now."

A similar(?) Pokémon card-related robbery occurred when YouTuber Logan Paul was caught short when his allegedly $3.5million (£2.6million) purchase of Pokémon card booster sets turned out to be G.I. Joe cards. Several people have accused Paul of faking the whole debacle for views, as he is known to sink low in the name of content. Paul denies these claims. 

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

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