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The Witcher 3 players agree there's one thing you need to do on your first playthrough

The Witcher 3 players agree there's one thing you need to do on your first playthrough

Don't miss out on this time-consuming feature

In most open-world RPGs, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the game has to offer.

That is definitely the case with The Witcher 3 but players can agree on one thing you definitely need to check out in the CD Projekt Red title.

Check out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer below!

Released back in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third game in The Witcher franchise and despite the next instalment’s development being in full swing, fans are still happy to continue exploring the almost 10-year-old entry.

Now with CD Projekt Red announcing that it has an impressive team working on The Witcher 4, it is no wonder that many new players are making their way over to The Witcher 3 to catch up.

That definitely seems to be the case for one player over on r/Witcher3 who said: “Any tips for a first timer?”

“I have just bought the Complete Edition and have a whole week off from work and my family is going out of town to boot… Any tips to maximise my enjoyment or anything that I shouldn’t miss?”

It wasn’t long before dedicated fans offered their tips such as reading the in-game Bestiary, upgrading certain skills and making sure to check out The Witcher 3’s incredible expansions.

However, one tip the majority of players recommended was making sure you checked out the in-game card game, Gwent.

Available pretty early on in the game, Gwent is a card game Geralt can play against a wide variety of characters as well as building his deck to become the absolute master of it.

If you are anything like me, you will get distracted by Gwent at any opportunity. To this day, it is still considered as one of the best in-game features in any RPG title so don’t miss out on it.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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