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The Last Of Us' LGBT-centred episodes are series' lowest-rated thanks to review bombing

The Last Of Us' LGBT-centred episodes are series' lowest-rated thanks to review bombing

The Last of Us' LGBT-centred episodes 'Long Long Time' and 'Left Behind' are the series' lowest-rated due to review-bombing.

HBO’s The Last of Us series may have drawn to a close - season one has anyway - but that hasn’t stopped people talking about the show. It’s undeniably still the talk of the town and with all the season two speculation, I shouldn’t imagine that’ll stop anytime soon.

When it comes to The Last of Us’ season finale, fans are in agreement that Ashley Johnson crushed it as Anna. In fact, many are calling for an Anna prequel series - including one actor from the show. Joel’s actions have also been a hot topic for debate. For the most part, fans are siding with Joel - as is showrunner Craig Mazin who called Joel a ‘hero’ but not in a conventional sense. With all episodes out now, many fans are announcing their favourites. It’s sad and disappointing to see though that The Last of Us’ LGBT-centred episodes are the series’ lowest due to review-bombing.

The Last of Us Part I launches on PC on 28 March. Take a look at the game in action below.

It’s been a recurring problem all season long. If you hop on over to IMDb, you’ll see that the lowest rated episodes are ‘Long Long Time’ with a rating of 8, and ‘Left Behind’ with a rating of 7.4 Both episodes feature prominent LGBT relationships. In ‘Long Long Time,’ we witnessed the relationship between Bill and Frank while in ‘Left Behind,’ we got to see Ellie’s relationship with first love Riley.

Back in January, ‘Long Long Time’ was hit by the first wave of review-bombing with many saying that the episode was pushing ‘political propaganda,’ which is complete and utter nonsense. History then repeated itself when ‘Left Behind’ aired in late February. I shan’t be permitting space to recall any of those so-called ‘reviews.’

For the most part, viewers have embraced the series wholeheartedly - including its representation of minority groups. Nick Offerman was quick to respond to trolls, while Bella Ramsey has been doing the same all season long. I think the vast majority of us adored both episodes though. Keep doing what you do, The Last of Us.

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