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The Last Of Us actor calls for Ashley Johnson prequel series

The Last Of Us actor calls for Ashley Johnson prequel series

Jeffrey Pierce, who played Tommy in the TLoU games and Perry in the TV show, is calling for a prequel following Ashley Johnson as Anna.

After nine glorious weeks, the first season of The Last of Us has come to a close. What a time it’s been - from Bill and Frank’s beautiful and tragic backstory to the explosive finale, it’s been a season of tremendous highs, and it’s weird to think that we don’t have another episode to look forward to in a few days’ time.

Of course, it’s not over for good - a second season has already been confirmed, which will begin to adapt the story of The Last of Us Part II. ‘Begin’ is the key word there, because showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have made it very clear that the chunky sequel can’t be condensed into a single season (they’ve not confirmed how many seasons they expect it to last, though).

If watching The Last of Us has made you want to play the games, the remake of the first title is coming to PC later this month. Take a look at the trailer below.

While everyone seems fully focused on the future of the TV show and game series, some are interested in the series potentially taking a step back and exploring events that took place in the past. Namely, Jeffrey Pierce, the actor who played Tommy in the two games and Perry (resistance group leader Kathleen’s right-hand man) in HBO’s adaptation, says that he wants to see a prequel that would let Ashley Johnson reprise her new role as Ellie’s mum Anna.

“Ashley Johnson. I'm ready for the Anna prequel,” Pierce tweeted, tagging Druckmann and HBO.

It just so happens that Druckmann recently confirmed that a prequel game starring Anna almost happened, but it unfortunately fell through. Who knows, maybe we could get a spinoff TV show about her instead? Given how close she was with Marlene, it’d be super interesting to see how they fought together and adapted when the outbreak began, and how the Fireflies came to be.

Given what a phenomenal job Johnson did in episode nine, I’m sure plenty of fans would be thrilled to see her back on screen. Take notes, HBO.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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