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The Last Of Us finally explains how Ellie is immune

The Last Of Us finally explains how Ellie is immune

Fans believe they've spotted how HBO's The Last of Us will explain Ellie's immunity.

I knew I’d have to say this eventually but oh man, I’m sad that the day has finally arrived. My friends, there is just one episode of HBO’s The Last of Us left to go. They do say all good things must come to an end. Thankfully, we know that the show is returning for a second season so it’s only a temporary goodbye.

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts about HBO’s The Last of Us has been the way in which it has expanded the story, answering questions fans have had for years. Back in episode two, ‘Infected,’ it was finally revealed how the outbreak actually started. A major standout was episode three, ‘Long Long Time,’ which explored Bill and Frank’s relationship - something that’s little more than a passing comment in the game. This week’s episode, ‘When We Are In Need,’ confirmed what we always suspected about David but we’re actually here to talk about next week’s season finale as The Last of Us will finally explain how Ellie is immune.

Take a look at the promo for the season finale, ‘Look for the Light,’ below.

Warning, make sure you’re up to date with episode eight before proceeding because I will be discussing the episode nine promo in full. Without further ado, we know that the finale will feature Ashley Johnson. Known for portraying Ellie in Naughty Dog’s video game series, Ashley will portray Anna Williams in the show who, yes, is Ellie’s mum.

In the promo, we see Anna running through a forest and then later writhing on the floor very much looking like she’s about to give birth. Then, a runner appears to charge into the same room. Hm, interesting. Well, one Reddit user has pieced together what we’re all thinking. They wrote, “So I am going to say we should finally get the scene of Ellie’s mom and looks like she is getting attacked by infected. I wonder if we get an explanation about immunity the same way Blade became a day walker. Ellie’s mom was bitten while she was about to give birth.”

By the looks of it, I think this will prove to be true. It’s an idea that’s split opinion though. User selaznog_sicnarf wrote, “On one hand, yes, it would be extremely stupid and it nullifies the idea of Ellie being the world’s martyr if you could easily replicate the scenario. On the other, the idea of Fireflies deliberately infecting pregnant women in an attempt to create more immune children is horrifying.”

Exactly. I can’t see anyone wanting to replicate this, plus I’d imagine the chances of the ‘immunity’ process happening are extremely slim. I shouldn’t think it’s common at all for women to be bitten seconds before giving birth, plus we don’t know exactly when the bite has to be administered during the birth for immunity to be granted. A couple of seconds difference could’ve infected Ellie as well. Likewise, where the bite is placed could prove to be crucial. All in all, It’s a plausible theory.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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