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The Callisto Protocol is free to download and play right now

The Callisto Protocol is free to download and play right now

Grab The Callisto Protocol for free now

The last few years have seen a real revival of the survival horror genre, and we're fully here for it.

Since 2019 we've had a string of stunning Resident Evil remakes (and brand-new instalments), a remake of the iconic Dead Space, and the disgustingly gory new IP, The Callisto Protocol.

While Striking Distance's debut horror experience isn't exactly perfect, The Callisto Protocol is still a pleasingly crunchy splatterfest with plenty of brilliantly paced scares.

We gave the game a respectable 8/10 when it released, writing: "The Callisto Protocol is intimidatingly intense, grotesquely gory and inescapably claustrophobic. Striking Distance Studios’ latest sci-fi survival horror doesn’t introduce anything new to the genre, but everything it does is exquisitely executed."

The good news for those of you on the fence is that The Callisto Protocol is now free to download and try for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The survival horror has been added as a free trial for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, although it should be noted you only get an hour with the game. That should be enough to get a feel for the horror, of course.

This is actually one of the shorter PlayStation Plus Premium trials, as God Of War Ragnarök has a substantial three-hour demo for subscribers. Still, God Of War Ragnarök is a much longer game, and given that The Callisto Protocol can be beaten in around 10 hours, 10 percent of the entire game for free seems fair enough.

Oh, and if you think a one hour free trial is stingy, you may not have heard about the measly 45 minute demo for Hogwarts Legacy. PlayStation Plus users have not been best pleased that they're expected to get a feel for a massive RPG in under an hour, with many calling it the most pointless PS Plus freebie of all time.

Featured Image Credit: Striking Distance

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