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Stunning open world prehistoric game looks like Ark and Far Cry Primal had a baby

Stunning open world prehistoric game looks like Ark and Far Cry Primal had a baby

It's you versus everything that wants to kill you. Good luck.

Primitive is an upcoming open world survival game set in the Stone Age, pitting players against the unforgiving environment, giant predators and other humanoids in their journey across these primeval lands.

Developer Games Box is using Unreal Engine 5 for its debut title and I'll be honest, Primitive is already ticking a lot of boxes for me. This is for the girlies who were raised on BBC's Walking with Beasts and the team is citing Far Cry Primal as a core inspiration. And the whole reason I got that game was that I wanted to tame the animals and ride mammoths. Primitive might be a mite more realistic than that, but, there's nothing to say that we won't be able to come home to our cave and see a smilodon curled up by the fire.

Have a butcher's at the trailer here:

"The project is still at its early development stage," said CEO Tomasz Supel. "Thinking of similar games, Primitive is close to such titles as Far Cry Primal, yet our concept focuses more strongly on showing the primal character of a real world from many thousands of years ago, where it all boiled down to raw power, as well as a fight for dominance and survival."

"The Stone Age is such a compelling time," continued the CEO in a statement to DSOGaming. "The lives of the first people were dominated by savage and primordial forces, and the world was packed to the brim with imminent danger creeping in like no other. The open-world game Primitive will combine brutal survival with elements typical of other genres, to finally create a unique and hypnotizing blend."

At the moment, Primitive is confirmed for PC via Steam and a release window is yet to be revealed.

Featured Image Credit: Games Box

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