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Streamer's Mum Joins Livestream, Proceeds To Roast Team Mercilessly

Streamer's Mum Joins Livestream, Proceeds To Roast Team Mercilessly

Twitch streamer MightyTeapot's mum called his team "trash", and criticised them for taking so long to beat the boss they were fighting.

Having a family member who’s as into gaming as you can be a wonderful thing. Whether you get to spend time playing with them, or simply enjoy gaming-related conversations that go further than “are ya winning son?”, it’s lovely to be able to share one of your hobbies with someone you care about.

The unfortunate thing that comes with someone also enjoying gaming though, is that they can actually tell if you’re any good at it. If you’re getting destroyed in an online game, you can’t just brush it off - they know you’re not doing well, and there’s no point trying to deny it, as Twitch streamer MightyTeapot discovered when his mum joined his Discord call mid-stream, and proceeded to verbally rip him and his team to shreds.

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The streamer was in the middle of playing the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 when his mum joined in, and she’d clearly come for blood: “Right then, is this the trash team? Why haven’t you killed this boss yet? What the hell are you playing at? Trash team, trash team,” she said. “I’m going out now for an hour, I want it done when I get back.”

Ouch. I’m sure no one would dare talk back to that onslaught. MightyTeapot and his team were clearly amused by the whole situation though, as they were laughing throughout: “Wow, I mean that’s quite something,” the streamer said after his mum left the call. “I hope you’re feeling motivated after that.” “It’s been a while since I’ve been shouted at by somebody’s mum,” one of his teammates replied.

For context, the streamer was on his fifth day of attempting to clear the new Challenge Mode for the Harvest Temple Strike Mission, which was added to the game at the end of last month. Clearly, the difficulty is no joke - although hopefully the extra kick from his mum will give his team the boost they need to see it through.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, MightyTeapot via Twitch

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