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Major Steam update introduces a ton of long-awaited features and improvements

Major Steam update introduces a ton of long-awaited features and improvements

Steam has just released a major update introducing a ton of long-awaited features and improvements.

Steam may have launched nearly 20 years ago (yes, it’s really been that long), but that doesn't mean the service won't stop improving.

For nearly two decades, Steam has been the sole launcher and digital store for the PC platform. That was until the likes of Epic Games arrived and tried to ruin the party. Other launchers such as EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Rockstar Games have tried to topple the Valve goliath, but all have failed so far.

However, as reported by PCGamer, in the latest evolution to stay ahead of its competitors, its most recent update has just left its beta phase which began in April 2023.

The update, now available to everyone, makes simple but important changes such as being able to pin notes, videos, and web pages to the screen while you play. The store has also had a subtle fresh lick of paint and a small redesign.

“Hello! We’re excited to announce that we've just shipped a new version of the Steam Client to everyone,” announced Valve in a blog post. “This update includes all the new Steam Desktop features that have been tested and fine-tuned in the beta branch. Before we get into the details, we want to thank our beta testers really quick – we couldn’t have shipped without all of your invaluable feedback and bug reports!”

The update has also made improvements to Steam’s achievements system: “And that's not all! The overlay now includes a Game Overview panel: your one-stop shop to see what’s going on with the game since you last played it.

“It shows what achievements you have in progress, which friends are also playing, top guides, news, and more. In addition, the browser, achievements, and screenshot manager windows have been updated (both in the overlay and in the desktop client).”

If the update hasn't automatically downloaded for you, go into Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates via the menu, and away you go.

In related news, Steam has just released a spiritual successor to classic horror FPS F.E.A.R and the platform is also giving away six free games. Happy days!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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