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Steam's next big game is free to download and check out this month

Steam's next big game is free to download and check out this month

Steam's next big multiplayer game, Warhaven, is free to download and check out this month.

Who doesn't like a good freebie, especially when we’re being given a video game with no strings attached?

The free game in question is the upcoming mediaeval multiplayer title, Warhaven. Developed and published by Nexon, Warhaven “is a PVP mediaeval fantasy combat game for two teams of up to 16 players each. Choose your soldier, lead your squad into combat, and incarnate as a powerful Immortal to turn the tide of war.”

Take a look at Warhaven in action below.

As reported by DualShockers, Warhaven looks to be in a similar mould to the likes of Ubisoft’s For Honor, as well as Chivalry 2 which was recently made available on PlayStation Plus. During its launch, Warhaven will have two game modes, Dominion and Skirmish.

Much like the Call of Duty mode Domination, Dominion in Warhaven will require players to take over various outposts and hold them until the match ends. Whereas Skirmish will have just one outpost located in the middle of the map. “Warhaven’s dynamic melee combat rewards new recruits and veteran players alike. Choose from a roster of unique soldiers, each with their own motivations for fighting beneath the banner of Warhaven,” reads the description on the Steam page.

It continues: “Coordinate with your squad before each battle and outwit your foes with tactical manoeuvres. Fight to control footholds and the powerful engines of war they contain. Soldiers who excel are rewarded with the chance to incarnate as an avatar of the Immortals, mighty gods who dominate the battlefield. Seize immortality and swing the pendulum of fate in your favour.”

What’s more, Warhaven will have six different soldier classes to choose from, each with “their unique weapons and abilities to shape the battlefield in your favour." Every solider has "the potential to incarnate as an Immortal, and each Immortal fights with their own distinct powers. Offer your faith to the Immortal most suited to the obstacles you face—from the devastating swordplay of Martyr to the long-ranged magic of Raven.”

Warhaven will be free-to-play on PC and is set to release this Fall. However, you can get an early taste of the game with a playable demo during Steam Next Fest between 19 June to 26 June 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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