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Steam drops six more new free games, available now

Steam drops six more new free games, available now

Steam has dropped six more free PC video games and they're available to claim right now.

Just when we thought the Steam freebies couldn't possibly keep coming, even more PC goodies are on the way.

To be honest, it’s been difficult trying to keep up with all the free games in recent weeks, whether it be via Steam, Epic Games or GOG. Still, we’re not complaining as we’ll never turn our nose up at some free video game gifts. The latest free games courtesy of Steam are six indie darlings, which include, action, adventure, racing and everything in between. So what are the six free video games available to claim on Steam right now, I hear you ask?

Temtem Showdown is a delightful new free-to-play game on Steam.

They include Divided Skies, Raw Nerve, S.P.L.I.C.E.D, Snotty’s Sewer, A Bad Day for a Hangover, and finally, Galactic Grinder. Furthermore, let us tell you a little bit about each of these free games.

Divided Skies is a “single-player flight adventure game where you play as Kyra, a member of the Nandaka gang, as she completes dangerous missions transporting illegal tech and mechanical enhancements while fighting off rival gangs. Shoot enemies, chase down foes, and explore hidden areas as you uncover the secrets of the metropolis called New Mumbai taking place in the year 2100.”

In Raw Nerve, you “drive this truckin’ weird and wild world of jumps, traverses and winding ascents. Uncover artefacts, help build the sonic landscape, conquer the summit, and try to clock the fastest time.”

In S.P.L.I.C.E.D, players will “take on the role of a strong-willed woman determined to challenge the tyranny of the mob leader Jiaolong and free Chinatown from their oppressor in this 3D side scroller action adventure, Metroidvania. Discover forgotten secrets and powerful weapons that will help you traverse the treacherous streets, as you set off on a dangerous mission to fight the mutants, monsters, and other enemies hiding within.”

If you dare to play Snotty’s Sewer you will “meet Mr Snotty! Originally a beloved children's TV character, Mr Snotty turned violent after being chased out of the local TV station along with all of his friends into an abandoned sewer. Unfortunately for you, you are now trapped there too! Search for the 10 hidden buttons throughout the sewer that unlock the door to escape the nightmare.”

If having A Bad Day for a Hangover wasn't bad enough, your “town has been taken over by robots, the government evacuated the population before dropping a nuclear bomb to wipe out the robots. Great plan but those robots survived so they are nuking the town again.”

Finally, Galactic Grinder “is a fast-paced 2.5D side-scrolling skateboarding game, where the player skates through different planets while performing tricks to gain points to attain the best possible score.”

In related news, Steam also gave away another six games just a few days ago. Happy Days.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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