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Starfield is playable early, here's how you can jump in

Starfield is playable early, here's how you can jump in

Starfield is getting an early-access period - here's how to get playing before the official release date.

Who’s excited for Starfield? Bethesda’s open-world (or universe, I guess?) space-exploration RPG will be upon us in just a few months, at which point gamers everywhere will likely disappear from all social settings for at least several weeks. I can’t say I blame anyone who plans to do so.

Starfield has felt like a long time coming, but it’ll finally be releasing exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC (sorry, PS5 fans) on 6 September. If each day without Todd Howard’s latest creation feels like agony though, fear not. As Game Rant reports, it’s been confirmed that there’s an official way to dive into the game sooner than everyone else.

Take a look at Starfield’s new story trailer below.

That’s right, Starfield is getting an early-access period. Rejoice! To be exact, this period will commence on 1 September, five days earlier than the ‘official’ release date. That’s a pretty significant chunk of time, and if you want to have the most spoiler-free gaming experience possible, this is likely the best way to dodge the onslaught of clips and screenshots that will flood the internet when everyone is playing it (other than just switching off from social media altogether, of course).

So, how do you play Starfield early? The good news is that it’s easy, but it’s unfortunately rather pricey. Access to the game on 1 September is an exclusive bonus for those who buy either the very expensive Constellation Edition of the game (for roughly £250/$300) or the Premium Edition (for about £100/$100). You can also buy the Premium Edition Upgrade for £34.99/$34.99 for the same bonus.

Game Rant writes that if you’re planning on playing Starfield via Xbox Game Pass, it’s believed that you can simply buy the Premium Edition Upgrade to access it early (as well as some cosmetic items and the story expansion, when that releases), so that’s by far the cheapest way to do it if you already have an active subscription.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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