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Starfield getting major graphics overhaul in official free update

Starfield getting major graphics overhaul in official free update

Starfield getting major graphics overhaul in official free update

It has been almost two months since Bethesda’s latest RPG Starfield was released and with it being the studio’s biggest launch, it is still hard at work on improving the player’s experience.

This time the improvement comes in the shape of an upcoming major graphics overhaul which will be free to all Starfield players who use Valve’s platform to play. Those eligible can opt into the graphics overhaul early via the Steam Beta branch.

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“We’ve been hard at work on Starfield updates and will be putting our next one into Steam Beta next week,” Bethesda revealed in a recent Tweet. “This update will feature Nvidia DLSS support with frame generation, display and HDR controls for supported systems, and other optimisations and improvements”. They end by encouraging players to issue feedback before the update goes live for all PC and Xbox users.

Although the Tweet does not confirm an official date for the major update, it does assure players that Starfield will “also have AMD FSR3 support in a future update.”

Whilst waiting for official Bethesda updates, modders have been hard at work at patching some of the issues present in the space RPG. A recent patch created by modders managed to fix hundreds of issues including weapon modifications, dialogue changes, angry companions and more. However, some players are not happy they are having to rely on modders to fix the game. One Reddit user says that “Bethesda recognizes the modders in this community and it’s clear that they’re relying on their free labour to add in a lot of needed features.”

It now seems as though the studio is hard at work at providing much needed patches to Starfield, whether that is fixes for some of the game’s bugs or graphic overhauls to bring the visuals up to scratch. It remains to be seen how much more the modders of the community will have to do.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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