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Starfield players aren't happy they're having to wait for modders to fix the game

Starfield players aren't happy they're having to wait for modders to fix the game

Who can fix it?

Starfield players are getting fed up with everyone saying modders will fix the game's issues when it should be down to Bethesda. Players have taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations.

A user has created a post which, essentially, lets out some frustrations at Bethesda and how they are "relying on their [the modders] free labour to add in a lot of needed features." This accompanied a small list from the original poster stating what they believe need to be fixed or implemented, "stuff like ground vehicles, NPC schedules, in-depth ship building, companions with differing morality."

I have to agree. Upon launch and even with recent updates, it seems like Bethesda created a blank canvas where they expect modders to come in and add in the features we hoped to see at release. Many within the Reddit thread believe the game released a little too early.

While Starfield did get a few things wrong, it didn't stop over 10 million players journeying across the stars

One user, u/neoflow22 says "At times, Starfield feels like it doesn't have a cohesive soul. It feels like the devs made a base game and then added everything else as an afterthought." Another user, in the replies, expressed that many of the missions came from Bethesda wanting to capitalise on pop culture. This perhaps led to a hodgepodge of additions breaking that cohesion.

Of course, if Bethesda is waiting on modders, it doesn't help console players as expressed by u/thisisbyrdman who says 'Me, a console player whenever people say to just use mods: “huh that sounds cool welp back to this version of the game I suppose.'"

After a lot of back and forth, most of the Redditors debate whether mods 'fix' the game or simply make 'different choices'. Bethesda have been releasing patches, but are moving slower than modders.

"Modders are a lot more dedicated and exacting and don't work under the same pressures as developers." explains u/likable_error who tries to play devil's advocate. They finish their point saying "There will always be more to do on these games, so I'm just glad people take the time to do it and developers give them that lattitude."

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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