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Starfield hits 60fps on Xbox Series S if you make one easy change

Starfield hits 60fps on Xbox Series S if you make one easy change

A few sacrifices will get you to 60fps

The Xbox Series S often gets overlooked despite the sister console being good enough in its own right. That is why one player has come up with a way to utilise the Xbox console to run Starfield at a greater FPS.

Released in 2023, Starfield has had quite a rocky road despite being a long-awaited Bethesda RPG. Criticised for its empty galactic world and poorly generated maps, it fell off quite soon after its launch.

Check out the trailer for Starfield: Shattered Space below!

However, with its first DLC Shattered Space set to arrive this fall, now is the time to pick Starfield back up and give it another shot. Although doing so on the Xbox Series S comes with its difficulties.

When it was first released, Starfield arrived on the Xbox Series X/S with no 60FPS support, much to the dismay of fans. However, since then Bethesda has updated the title, adding quality-of-life features, better maps and even 60/120fps support for the Xbox Series X.

However, the Xbox Series S was seemingly left behind with the console unable to run Starfield at 60fps.

As a result, modders have saved the day once again by adding 60fps support to the Xbox Series S and we can see the game in action courtesy of Youtuber Fuzion Xbox Testing.

The video shows Fuzion using seven Creation Club console mods which in turn allows Starfield to run at a much higher frame-rate on the Xbox Series S. However, it looks less than pretty with players having to sacrifice the pretty graphics in order to reach 60fps.

As you can see from the video, grass has been removed and the whole scene looks blurry which may be too big of a sacrifice for some.

Additionally, trying to reach 120fps on the Xbox Series S is a no-go.

Although it is not perfect by any means, it does show that adding 60fps support to the Xbox Series S is an option for Bethesda and this is hopefully something that is implemented ahead of the Shattered Space DLC.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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