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Stardew Valley players gets everyone to move in with them without using mods

Stardew Valley players gets everyone to move in with them without using mods

Using a trick in the game, players can have several villagers on their farm

The latest Stardew Valley update launched earlier this month, and alongside several new features, multiple new vendors and a ton of bug fixes, the game also adds a new trick that fans can use to get multiple different people on their farm at any one given time.

Take a look at Stardew Valley in action below.

The new trick was discovered on the official Stardew Valley Reddit by a user named 'WLOR', and what is immediately striking about it is that the user claims that they managed to get eight different villagers living on the farm in a completely vanilla game, without using any of the many available mods for the title.

Several players in the comments of the post are questioning how this was made possible without any mods whatsoever, and the answer to this is that the user actually used a multiplayer server to make it happen. Basically, all they did was set up a multiplayer save (which can have up to eight different players at once, which also means that it can have up to eight different houses, and each of those eight players can marry different people) and set up multiple homes on the farm. They didn't mention whether they did this alone, however, or if this is a save file that they play with several other people usually and who only screenshot this in order to show it off to other users.

This trick also means that the player has access to multiple different houses on the farm that they can decorate, which essentially means they can design their own village. With eight houses to decorate, it's more than likely that you'll be able to create your ideal world, and you'll be able to specifically cater each house to the desires of the villager who is living in that house.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe

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