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Stardew Valley free update adds new mode, RIP my social life

Stardew Valley free update adds new mode, RIP my social life

This'll do more farm than good

When I was a younger man I developed what some would call an unhealthy obsession with Stardew Valley, though I'm certain my experience was far from atypical.

Hell, at least once a year I find myself pulled back into Stardew Valley thanks to a string of incredibly generous free updates that have constantly introduced new features, fixes, and even whole new areas to explore.

Now, I fear the latest free update for the farming indie gem is going to steal my life all over again.

If you've not been following the latest Stardew Valley news, you might not know that the game's 1.6 update is set to launch tomorrow (19 March) on PC. This update will, among other things, make changes to relationship, introduce some nice new features, and basically give you a huge new list of excuses to start the game all over again.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the update, at least from my perspective, is the confirmation of a new type of farm which will once again completely change your playthrough. Stardew Valley currently has multiple farm types that make for interesting challenges, with homesteads that range from standard farms to wetlands and wilderness.

Over on Twitter creator Eric Barone announced update 1.6 will see the arrival of a new Meadowlands Farm, which involves “chewy blue grass that animals love. You also start with a coop and two chickens.” This sounds like a wonderful leg-up for people who want to jump back in and maybe skip a few steps.

Some fans have speculated that the blue grass will accelerate animal happiness and lead to quicker/higher quality produce. Exactly how fresh an experience this new farmland will offer us remains to be seen, but I'll take any excuse I can to start yet another new game of Stardew Valley and give up yet more hours of my life.

Featured Image Credit: Chucklefish

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