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Star Wars: Republic Commando is free to download right now

Star Wars: Republic Commando is free to download right now

Nintendo is offering a free trial of one of the best Star Wars: Republic Commando right now to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

Star Wars Jedi:Survivor is still over a week away from release, and with the season three finale of The Mandalorian airing tomorrow, I’m sure many fans will be looking to fill the gap before Cal Kestis’ next adventure. Luckily, Nintendo is coming in clutch with a free trial of one of the best Star Wars first-person shooters.

Nintendo Switch players will soon be able to download and enjoy the beloved Star Wars: Republic Commando, in its entirety for a limited time, provided they have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The trial period will last from 20th April-26th April, at no additional cost, allowing subscribers to follow the story of the Galactic Republic special-ops unit, Delta Team, on a variety of missions. Fans of the Star Wars universe will be able to visit a variety of planets from the series, such as the clone trooper home-world Kamino, the droid factory Geonosis, and many more.

There are even a few cameos from popular Star Wars characters to keep your eyes out for, as well as many many references to the events of the prequels films.

Additionally, if players enjoy the game and want to continue playing after the trial period has ended, Nintendo will be offering the full game at a discounted price (50% off!). You can also earn 100 platinum points for your MyNintendo account for participation in the trial if that’s of any incentive…

Star Wars: Republic Commando was originally released as an exclusive for the original Xbox in 2005, before eventually making its way onto Nintendo Switch and PS4 in April 2021. Borrowing aspects from other popular first-person shooters such as Halo and Metroid Prime, Star Wars: Republic Commando offers a fun, single-player campaign that puts you right into the helmet of a clone commando.

If you’re looking for your galaxy far, far away fix before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor drops, this is definitely worth a look, especially if you’re already a member of Nintendo Switch Online.

Featured Image Credit: LucasArts

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