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Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic remake finally acknowledged by publisher

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic remake finally acknowledged by publisher

It's definitely a headline

It's hard to know whether fans should rejoice or feel disappointment due to the latest update on the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Since the trailer first came out, quite a while ago, fans have been clamouring for any information of the remake's release.

Well, there has been an update. Kind of. The CEO of Embracer, the parent company overseeing the release of the remake was asked to comment on the production status of the game and has simply said, "I noticed that anything I say to this becomes a headline. So that is my only comment."

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a long-standing favourite RPG.

It's not exactly a positive comment, but then it's not really a 'no' either. Many fans had begun to wonder if the remake had been cancelled, particularly as Embracer has been laying off staff and didn't mention the remake in their most recent financial report. One could look at the comment and still see hope, but it's a long shot right now.

That's the only mention from Embracer that we've had and it was pure reluctance. This follows on from Sony recently removing the trailer for the Knights of the Old Republic remake from their social media and YouTube channels. This stoked the fires that the game had been cancelled before Sony commented saying the removal was due to expiring music licenses. Which is unlikely given they only used the Star Wars theme.

It's easy to understand the speculation of fans given the recent run of news from Embracer who lost out on a $2 billion deal, then began shedding 900 staff members. It's not the positively bright future that we once saw. Though it could be argued that the remake will be a big deal for the business, fans have been asking for a remake for years by now.

Featured Image Credit: Embracer, LucasArts

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