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'Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic' Remake Reportedly Has A New Developer

'Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic' Remake Reportedly Has A New Developer

The Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake is back on track after reports broke suggesting it had been delayed indefinitely.

Less than one year after it was announced, fans recently learnt that Aspyr’s remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic had been delayed indefinitely. The news was revealed by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and I think it’s fair to say, we were all pretty gutted. The report suggested that Sony and Lucasfilm were disappointed with a demo they were shown but dry your eyes, my friends, because the project could be back on track.

ICYMI: Check out the reveal trailer for Aspyr’s Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake below.

Reports suggested that the game wasn’t up to scratch, with Aspyr even firing the project’s art director and design director. Employees theorised that perhaps KOTOR would be handed over to another studio and just last week, that eventuality seemed even more likely after parent company The Embracer Group revealed that “One of the Group's AAA projects has transitioned to another studio within the Group.”

Industry analysts quickly pointed out that this could well be KOTOR. Saber Interactive, another studio within The Embracer Group, were assisting Aspyr with the project so many naturally assumed that perhaps Saber would take over proceedings. Well, it looks like KOTOR is back on track because that’s exactly what’s happened.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has now updated his report confirming that Saber Interactive will lead development on the KOTOR remake. An anonymous source told Bloomberg that one of Saber Interactive’s eastern European studios would be handling the project. Before the studio change was confirmed, Embracer previously noted that “We are not expecting any material delays for the title based on this transition,” but I wouldn’t get too excited. It’s probably going to be a good few years before KOTOR comes to light, but at least it’s happening.

Featured Image Credit: Aspyr, LucasArts

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