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SSX Tricky is overdue a remake, fans say

SSX Tricky is overdue a remake, fans say

SSX Tricky is overdue for a remake, fans say and we totally agree!

SSX Tricky is overdue for a remake, fans say and we totally agree. So powers that be, make it happen, you cowards!

SSX Tricky was released way back in 2001 for PS2, the original Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. There was also a Game Boy Advance version. However, due to technical limitations, that wasn't exactly the go-to version.

In my opinion, along with the mighty 1080° Snowboarding for the N64, SSX Tricky is an all-time great of its genre. So it should come as no surprise that SSX Tricky was critically acclaimed by reviewers and fans alike.

Prior to the release of SSX Tricky, we also had the original game in 2000, SSX, which was equally as well-received. At the time on Metacritic, SSX Tricky garnered scores ranging from 88 to 92 depending on the platform, earning the “Must-Play” recommendation for PlayStation 2.

Then we had SSX 3 in 2003, which is also considered to be a classic amongst fans. The series would generate a few more sequels in the years that followed, but despite being solid games, they perhaps failed to reach the critical heights of the original trilogy.

The last game in the series was SSX (2012) for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. So with a decade passed, it's fair to say that a new entry has been a long time coming and fans have been calling for SSX Tricky to be remade.

“My 2 biggest remake requests: Burnout Revenge, and SSX Tricky,” posted Redditor tweakybiff and it seems that much of the thread was in agreement.

SSX Tricky would be an insta-buy,” replied Crunchewy. “Party/racing games need to come back for sure. SSX Tricky was so much fun racing your friends or trying to out-style point them. Same with Burnout and the Takedown cameras,” said Average_Lrkr.

However, some fans would also love to see the sequels receive the remake treatment. “I'd prefer SSX 3. It's hard to believe that game is from 2003. It still plays so well and has amazing presentation/production value,” expressed Henry_b.

“100% for SSX 3 - Tricky is good but 3 was so much fun, the crazy big jumps, the trick courses and racing from top to bottom of the whole mountain...outstanding,” added MrKippling12.

To be fair, I believe whichever game in the SSX series we prefer, I think we can all agree that the powers that be need to remake the OG trilogy. So EA, make it happen, you cowards!

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