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'Squirrel With A Gun' Game Has Taken The Internet By Storm

'Squirrel With A Gun' Game Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Not the hero we deserve, nor the one that we need right now.

A new Steam game, simply titled Squirrel with a Gun, has taken the Internet by storm. Need we say more.

As we all are aware, grey squirrels are the swindlers of the Sciurus genus. Their hardiness and lack of a predation has led to their classification as an invasive species in Europe, which is difficult to shake off when it comes to a rebrand. Perhaps the most heinous thing I have learned this morning is that grey squirrels carry squirrelpox which is deadly to red squirrels but grey squirrels are unaffected. So, I can only conclude that Squirrel with a Gun is the species' Joker moment.

Here's the trailer:

From developer Daniel DeEntremont, people are obsessed with the character's chaotic energy and shameless criminality. And the fact that it's all from the perspective of a small rodent.

"It is not easy, but it's fun, to be a squirrel with a gun," explains the description on the game's Steam listing. At the moment, Squirrel with a Gun is a sandbox game with exploration elements. Agents are tracking the squirrel as the creature scurries from house to house in quiet suburbia, and there's the promise of quests to help the residents with their various ailments. Or you can rob them and incite madness. Whatever takes your fancy.

There's no specific release date for the game, nor confirmation that Squirrel with a Gun could come to consoles in the future. However, given the preoccupation that the Internet has for this delinquent creature, the concept should have caught some publishers' eyes. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel DeEntremont

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