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New South Park Game May Be Inspired By Classic FPS Franchise

New South Park Game May Be Inspired By Classic FPS Franchise

South Park's upcoming 3D video game could be influenced by an unexpected first-person shooter.

South Park is one of the most iconic animated sitcoms of all time but when it comes to video game adaptations, it’s a mixed bag of success. I recall playing 1999’s South Park on my PlayStation and the first-person shooter left a lot to be desired … but Obsidian Entertainment’s South Park: The Stick of Truth is heaps of fun. There’s even a magical fart attack. What’s not to love? South Park’s next title though looks set to be inspired by an equally iconic franchise.

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Question Games are currently working on a brand new South Park inspired game but they’ve been keeping a closed lid on exactly what material they plan to adapt. We already know that Question Games was founded by ex-BioShock developers but it looks like their experiences on the FPS franchise could influence the latest South Park title.

As pointed out by GameRant, BioShock ensured its “narrative, characters, and level designs all went hand in hand,” and they argue that this approach to development could influence the new South Park title. GameRant added that every one of BioShock’s animations and skill abilities supported the game’s themes. No feature was simply there for the sake of it.

They went on to say that South Park offers a fleshed-out world “created by its foul-mouthed children” so it should give the developers plenty of material to work with when it comes to creating a cohesive narrative and gameplay. Of course, South Park is unlikely to employ BioShock’s dark tone, but you can see how the developers might utilise what they’ve learnt from the franchise.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft, Paramount Global Distribution Group

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